"Cooking is like living - always be considerate towards others 'needs" "Cooking requires from mind and heart" said by Mr. Wong Wing Chee. Mr. Wong was born in a family of culinary masters. His father is a renowned chef. Influenced by his father, Chee loves culinary arts since he was a child. In 1978, Chee was hired as Chef in Tsui Hang Village in Miramar Hotel which is the best Chinese restaurant in town. In 1982, Lei Garden hired Chee. After three years, he was promoted as head chef who was the youngest one in Hong Kong. From 1987 to 1992, Chee went to Australia and US to learn and enrich his knowledge in culinary arts. Different precious experience indeed inspires him to create a lot of gourmet dishes in future. In 1992, Lei Garden hired him as an Executive Chef. He assisted to expand the company business to Guangzhou and Singapore. The Company was award as the best restaurant.

  Chee is adventurous and creative in blending new and rare ingredients in his cooking. For example, once he used crocodile from Singapore with Alaska King Crab to present a Croco- King-Crab-Feast. Another innovative dish is Puffer Fish from Kyushu in Chinese Style. Chee's passion in inspiring others about culinary has earned him a lot of friends around the world. Different media from newspaper, radio to television love to interview with him. ATV has invited Chee be a guest host of several Culinary Arts shows, namely "The Eight Legendary Dishes of China", "Searching the New Cooking Way", "Chef's Finding Around" and "Healthy Menu". In 2007 to 2009, ATV invited Chee again, together with Ms. May Huang, to host a new series of culinary show - "Cooking with Raw Materials". In 2010, Chee shared his knowledge on TVB channel by hosting shows such as "Chee Gor's Tips" and "Admiral's Feast'. Chee also contributes food articles on Metro Daily, TVB Weekly, China Hotel and World Cuisine. In 2006, Chee published his first cookbook – "Magical Seafood" The next summer in 2007, his second cookbook – "My Banquet" was published as well.

Awards & Title

2003 Chinese Cooking Master (China Hospitality Association awarding)
China A.S.B.F.S Professional Committee Executive Member
(China Hotel Association and China A.S.B.F.S Professional Committee)
Maitre Rotisseur (Chaine Des Rotisseurs)
2005 Hong Kong, Guangdong and Macau Top Ten Chefs 2004 – Gold Award
(Editorial Board of the Hong Kong, Guangdong and Macau Chefs Ceremony awarding)
Platinum Award (Les Amis d’Escoffier’ Society, Inc.awarding)
Hong Kong Top Ten Chefs (China Hospitality Association awarding)
Honourable Advisor (The World Royal Chef Yeung Koon Yat Master Fund)
Committee Member of International Cate Appraising 2005
(International Hotel & Restaurant Association and China Hospitality Association)
Honourable Chairman (Les Amis d’Escoffier Society, Inc.)
2006 ‘Top Ten Super Star’ for 2006 China Hotel Master Chefs in Yue-Gang-Ao Area (China Hospitality Association awarding)
Honourable Chairman (Chinese Transworld Gourmet Association)
Committee Member of the 2nd Congress of the China Cuisine Association Professional Committee of Chefs (China Cuisine Association Professional Committee of Chefs)
2007 Vice Chairman (Association of Restaurant Managers)
2008 Director (Association of Industries and Commerce of Yaumatei Tsimshatsui Mongkok)
2010 Asian Cuisine Open Competition Bronze Medal (Asian Cuisine Open Competition of Asian Games)
Australian Chinese Best Chef (The Australian Chinese Association of Hong Kong awarding)
2010-2011 Top Ten Chefs China (Organising Committee of Annual Meeting of the China Hotel Industry)
Best Chef of Canton, Hong Kong and Macau (Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Gourmet New Force Organising Committee)
2013 South Australia Premium Food and Wine from our Clean Environment Ambassador (Government of South Australia)
Chairman of Association of Restaurant Managers
2015 Honourable Chairman (The World Master Chefs Association for Cantonese Cuisine)